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Pita Bread

I really like homemade bread.  I could eat it every night, and I probably do.  It almost doesn't even matter what kind of bread it is... if it's fresh out of the oven, I'm all in. 

But I love homemade pita bread.  Most of all, I love watching it bake.  I always gasp when I peek into the oven and see them puffing up; that magical moment exemplifies my love of cooking.  When I first started making pita, the whole process seemed random and it drove me insane.  Some pitas puffed while others didn't.  But I think I've finally figured it out.  Now when I make pita bread, they all come out of the oven looking and feeling like precious pillows.  Read more.

Pizza Dough

I eat a lot of pizza.  It is absolutely my favorite food.  My mom had never even heard of it until she was 17 years old and dating my father, a 1st generation Italian-American who probably thought everyone ate pizza growing up.  Everyone but her, apparently.  The way my mom always told the story, my father described pizza to her as "a pie with tomato sauce and cheese," but because she had been born and raised in Atlanta, the word "pie" made her think of pecan pie.  So she imagined pizza not as we know it, but as a pie crust overflowing with tomato sauce and topped with cheese.  Not the most appetizing visual.  Fortunately for me, she tried the real thing, loved it, married my father, and ended up making pizza once a week throughout my childhood.  Read more.